Monday, July 21, 2014

cousinly fun

A couple of weeks ago our cousins from Arkansas came for a long visit. So we took them out to the farm. I love how our two families blend so nicely together. Everyone gets along and Joey and Kylah are so great with the little kids. They are so fun to have around.

 Here's Nana with the whole gang

Here they are feeding the ducks. It was funny to see the two little hungry ducks trying to gobble up food held out by all five of them.


 We have been absolutely loving the cool weather we've been having. I could really get used to needing long sleeves jammies in July. And guess who is sitting up like a big boy these days. I am loving every minute with my happy little guy.

His big sisters tend to hog the swings but Silas finally got his first chance at one. 

I took some six month pictures of him at Monica's house last week. I think her wall color makes the perfect picture backdrop. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monkey see monkey do

Jake thinks it is so funny that Naomi has picked up a couple of key phrases from his vocabulary. At first she would say them in conversation and make us laugh. Now, since she knows they will make him laugh, she tries throwing them out when she's in trouble too. Smart girl!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

It's July?

Last week, I found myself shocked by the fact that we had made it to July so quickly. I think since it has not been scorchingly hot this summer, the time has sped by without the usual dragging days. We even had our windows open several days last week and I was wearing sweat pants! I'm so loving it.

Unfortunately, in the midst of all this unseasonably cool weather, Naomi has had swim lessons. She doesn't seem to notice the cold even though there have been a couple of days I was wishing for a jacket from the sidelines. Swimming does not come naturally to her but she has had a fun time splashing and playing with the kids in her class. We coordinated so that Naomi could be in the same class with our friend, Henry, and they have had a real fun time together too. Throughout the lessons, various things have come up as flags that the teacher is having a tough time making the most of their lesson time which led to A) lot's of fun time for Naomi and Henry to play and B) thanks to Monica, another two weeks worth of free lessons.

Here they are playing "rescue" while the teacher worked with one of the other ten kids.

Forth of July is always super fun. Both of the girls loved the fireworks this year. We got a good laugh at Leah because her reactions were so slow it took her most of the night to actually see the bright explosion in the sky.

 I just can't get enough of these braids. I think they are so cute!

Toward the end of the night, Leah and Sarah were restless and not getting the idea that they were too young to help with the fireworks. We stuck them both in the stroller to enjoy a ride down the driveway.

Leah is blowing her own bubbles now! She's so big.

Ice cream cake at 9:30. That's not going to be happening again for a loooong time.

Parachutes were one of the girls favorites this year. They each were dragging around a collection by the end of the day.

Silas wasn't into fireworks at all but he did get his first taste of cereal to celebrate the holiday. As you can see, he wasn't really into that either.

On Saturday, though, he got to taste Cheetoes. As expected, he liked those a lot.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Just video

I feel like I've been taking a ton of little short videos lately. Silas is so giggly and Leah has the cutest little vocabulary, I feel like I'm running for the camera all the time. Here are a few of my favorites.

This was my first time reading to Silas. I was so surprised by his reaction. I don't remember the girls ever showing such excitement at such a young age.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mrs. Wilson

This weekend we had a wedding shower for my sister, Christina, who is soon to be Mrs. Wilson. Becky and Lindsay did a fabulous job putting it together. And I did a fabulous job of doing what I was told and otherwise staying out of their way. They really throw a fun party. Becky made this amazing cupcake cake. She should open a bakery, right? 

 My dainty little cupcake lover...

and my just-give-me-a-fruit-kabob girl.


 We had two trees in our front yard last week but now we have zero. Some kind of bug has been slowly killing them so Jake had to put them out of their misery. The girls were pretty excited to watch, though, I think the excitement had more to do with Poppy being there and less to do with watching the trees come down.

Silas didn't care about the trees at all but I couldn't just leave him out entirely.

I wish I had a before picture but (like always) the idea came too late so I settled for this one that was after the trees were down but before they were cut up and hauled away. It ended up being a bigger job then I thought but reminded me how I totally love that Jake can tackle any project. He's my hero!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

To the farm

We went out to the farmstead with my parents and brother last friday. It ended up being an amazing day.

 I love watching Dave carry Piper and Lylah around. I am still amazed that he has these sweet little sweeties.

Silas was a little worried that he is too close to the goat

Here we are feeding the chickens. It's the highlight of the trip every time. 



So lucky to have TWO Sleeping Beautys

I love this picture from Jake's birthday. It is so fun to see the kids all piled on his lap. I look forward to doing it many many more times.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 months old

Our little Silas sure is getting big these days. He is five months old already and we are loving every second of it. He is the best little guy. I couldn't believe the other night our friend's daughter, Alex (who is 12, I think), wanted to hold him and he spent the entire evening just sitting with her. He got sleepy, fell asleep on her lap, and woke up with her and never even made a sound. It amazes me because I remember being embarrassed when people would ask to hold my girls and I would hand them over only to have them returned a few minutes later because they were crying or cranky.

Silas especially loves to lounge in the tub as long as I can keep him from getting water dumped on his head. His sisters love to help wash him and kiss and love all over him when he is in such close proximity. It won't be long before we won't be able to fit all three in the tub at the same time. He still nurses exclusively though he is easily distracted and not near as interested as he used to be. We have tried him on puffs once but he wasn't overly impressed with them yet. He just started sleeping in his bed all night (he previously slept mostly in the swing) and has done really great with the transition. He usually will sleep from 8 to 8 with two feedings. I actually really don't mind getting up and feeding him in the night because I love the time I can spend rocking him and reading my kindle. I possibly will allow him those night time feedings for a long time to come. He just rolled for the first time yesterday and is working on sitting though he can't quite keep his balance yet.

 In other news, Jake and I had what Jake is calling "our worst night in parenting" last week thanks to Leah and her little stomach virus. I was nursing Silas about 1 AM and I heard Leah start crying. Jake went in there to see if he could help her and I heard a loud thump that I knew did not sound good. So when I heard Jake yell that he need me I quickly burped Silas and put him back to sleep. When I walked into the hallway I saw Jake standing there holding Leah. She was literally dripping poop and blood on the carpet. I guess she had awoken because of some diarrhea and when Jake went in to get her she ran into the railing of her bed and gave herself a nose bleed. She was such a mess I dumped her in the bath tub and did my best to clean her up. I put on a fresh diaper and fresh jammies and put her in front of the TV while Jake and I changed the sheets and started laundry. With that done, Jake jumped in the shower while I took Leah back to bed. As I was holding her and singing to her in her room, though,  her pacifier came shooting out followed by the contents of her stomach. I went running to the bathroom with her where Jake was in our only shower. I told him that I needed in there right now. And he responded that he had gotten some poop on his shirt and really needed a shower. Then he peeked out and saw me standing there covered in vomit and decided he would relinquish the shower after all. So, I showered Leah again and myself too put her in another new diaper, and more clean jammies and tucked her poor exhausted self into bed.

Here is our little sicky. She liked to sit Silas's swing when she didn't feel good.

Since then, though, she gotten over her sickness and has been the happiest little thing! We figured out that she has been having quite a rough year so far with adjusting to having a baby brother, having multiple viruses, an unidentified itchy rash (that we found out was a detergent allergy), and four new teeth. We are hoping and easy summer is ahead of her.